The Importance of Using A Liveness Detection SDK

Face match software has long been a central component of KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) requirements and protocols. Having the ability to match a picture on file in a database with a picture provided by the customer when accessing a current account or opening a new account enhances security and limits the risk of fraudulent access or account setup.

The Limitations of Older Face Match Technology

Unfortunately, simply using a 2D picture is no longer an effective security measure. Hackers and criminals have developed specific software programs that can pull 2D pictures of social media or other online platforms, allowing them to bypass traditional face match security.

New technology in 3D printing also creates a problem for traditional face match technology. Criminals can create 3D masks that perfectly match the face of a given account holder, also providing the opportunity to fraudulently access accounts or open accounts.

To address this gap in security issues, adding a liveness detection SDK (Software Development Kit) to ensure a photograph or a mask is not used to access or open an account is critical.

The use of liveness detection SDK allows the user to take a quick selfie, which is used to verify not only the face match through biometrics but to ensure a real, live person is in the picture. Through the use of complex algorithms, the system is able to immediately detect a match to the photo on record as well as verify a live individual is in the selfie.

Adding liveness detection SDK is essential in meeting KYC and AML requirements and compliance issues to ensure security for clients and customers.
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