The Many Benefits of Senior Day Care Programs

by | May 3, 2018 | Senior Citizen Center

Caregiving programs and facilities for elderly individuals are a part of life for millions of families in the United States. One of those options is adult day care, which offers benefits for both yourself, as the caregiver, and your loved one. Finding excellent senior care in Middlesex, NJ can be challenging, but it can give you a great balance. You get a break from constant caregiving, and your loved one gets to spend time independently in a safe location.

What Adult Day Care Consists Of

Adult day care is a type of respite care. It typically involves dozens of programs and activities tailored toward adults who need some assistance and supervision during the day. There are typically both health care programs and social activities for people who have impairments or disabilities. Your loved one can continue living at home, while also getting the care they need.

Benefits for the Loved One

There are countless benefits of senior care in Middlesex, NJ, but we’ll focus on some of the most commonly cited. In the simplest terms, an adult day care center offers a place for adults to receive daily care, delicious meals, physical and mental stimulation, and companionship.

  • Preservation of independence
  • Promotion of cognitive and social function
  • Increased social interaction
  • Engages seniors safely in physical activities
  • Improves health and quality of life
  • Creates daily expectations and routine

Benefits for the Caregiver

The benefits are not limited to the person receiving care. The caregiver responsible for the elderly loved one can also experience many benefits of day care. These include:

  • Reduction of stress
  • Reduction of guilt or anxiety
  • Improved relationship with a participant
  • Peace of mind
  • Improved quality of life
  • Ability to continue working

Questions to Ask

When choosing the best center for your loved one, asking plenty of questions is key. Introducing your family member to a new environment is a lot of work and making sure the location is right for them is something that cannot be ignored. Be sure to ask about hours and fees, along with what programs are available. You also should ask how your loved one will be evaluated and how their needs will be met.

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