What to Look for in an Airport Limo Service

Are you flying into Fort Myers, FL and want to arrive at your ultimate destination in style? Perhaps you’re about to fly out of town and want to reach the airport in comfort, without having to worry about parking. An airport limo service can help, but what should you look for in such a company? How do you choose the right limo service?

Fleet Considerations

One of the first areas to look at is the company’s fleet. What types of vehicles do they offer? You need to work with a transport provider that understands your needs in limo travel may differ from those of their other clients, which should be supported with the right vehicle. For instance, if you want the utmost in luxury, a Range Rover limo or a pink Bentley limo might be an idea. For business travelers, a VIP C300 may be the better option. Make sure that the limo company has a vehicle to fit your specific needs.

Driver Professionalism and Quality

The fleet on offer is only one of the factors to consider when hiring an airport limo service. You also need to pay attention to the company’s drivers. Are they professionally trained and attired? Do they have a reputation for professional conduct with their passengers? What about their overall safety rating? You obviously want to make sure that you’re in competent hands the second you slide into the back seat.


Rates are important to consider but less so than driver quality/safety or ensuring the availability of the right vehicle. Look for a limo service that can offer reasonable rates across the company’s entire fleet. However, be aware that “bottom-dollar” limo companies should usually be avoided. You tend to get what you pay for in this industry, and super-cheap limo companies usually skimp in other areas so they can offer the lowest possible price. It could ultimately come back around to bite you.


Find out if there are any extras available for the airport limo service. For instance, if you’re arriving on red-eye, you might want breakfast waiting for you. If you’re flying out in the evening, you might like a nightcap before arriving at the airport. These are just a few examples – find out what options the company offers to make your experience that much more enjoyable.

If you’re ready to experience the difference a professional For Myers, FL, airport limo service can make your travel, call Clean Ride Limo today at 239-461-5466.

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