The Multihead Weigher and Its Important Job in Industry Today

If you have ever went to the grocery store and bought candy, pet food, cookies, cereal, chips, bakery items or a number of snack foods, you benefited from an invention known as the multihead weigher. Thanks to this machine many food items can be quickly weighed or counted and sent on to be bagged or packed in an efficient manner. This helps to reduce the cost of many of the foods we consume today. So how does this amazing machine work? Let’s examine it a little closer.

What is a Multihead Weigher?

Before many food items can be packed and distributed for sale, they need to be placed in small and easy to use containers. In order to make sure the right amount or weight of materials is packed in each container, they must be carefully weighed. If this was done one bag at a time, the process would be rather slow. But thanks to weighing equipment with multiple heads, 10, 14, or as many as 24 bags can be weighed at once. This greatly multiplies the process and enhances speed.

Benefits of Multihead Weigher Machines

Faster production raises efficiency and means more profits.

Exact measuring ensures compliance with all weights and measurements requirements and laws.

Damage is minimized creating less waste

Counts and measurements can easily be documents and confirmed.

Load accuracy is increased

Exceptional sanitation

Less downtime

Can store as many as 99 different programs

Programming is a simple process.

Important Features to Look For

If you are thinking about purchasing a multihead weigher for your business, you will want to have the best features and the most affordable costs. Here are some important things to consider when you shop:

Construction – stainless steel is best for the food industry. It is very simple to sanitize and there are no concerns with corrosion. All parts handling products should be made of heavy stainless steel which has been highly polished.

Size – if your production is small, a 10 head machine may be all you need. However, a 14 head machine will provide greater production and if you need to expand in the future, there is no need to upgrade or replace the equipment.

Memory – the control unit should have a battery backup for the memory.

Supplier – where you buy your equipment is very important. Choose a company with many years of experience and a reputation for high quality.

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