Using Lawn Treatment Service Boynton Beach Florida To Remove Fleas From A Yard

When a pet owner finds they have a flea problem within their home, they will want to take the necessary steps in getting rid of them effectively. A few fleas can be noticed one day and then an infestation could be present just days later, making it a priority to handle flea troubles right away. Handling a flea problem can be done with help from a pest control and Lawn Treatment Service Boynton Beach Florida. Here are some steps to take in removing fleas from a home for good.

First, any pets in the home will need to be treated. This can be done at a veterinarian’s office or with the use of medication that removes the fleas from fur completely. Topical medications will work for up to a month in removing fleas. Grooming the pet often will also be necessary to remove any stragglers.

When the pets are no longer infested with fleas, the interior of the home will need to be cleaned in its entirety. This includes vacuuming any carpets to remove fleas, larvae, and eggs. Place a flea-killing agent in the vacuum cleaner bag or canister so trapped fleas do not make it back out into the home. When emptying, take outside to put in a trash bag immediately. Wash all bedding in hot water to kill any flea remnants. It is a good idea to call a pest control company to eradicate fleas from within a home if vacuuming and washing does not do the job.

A pest control service should help with the exterior of the home to keep fleas from getting on pets at all. A lawn treatment service in Boynton Beach Florida can be called to handle this job. They will use the proper pesticides to kill off any fleas on the property. The lawn should be cut often to help keep fleas from burrowing within the blades.

If someone needs to call company that does Lawn Treatment Service Boynton Beach Florida, they can contact a reliable pest control service in their area. Give a call to Above & Beyond Pest Control in Boynton Beach Florida for immediate service.

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