The Option to Sell Gold in Chicago at a Pawn Shop Brings Fast Cash to the Seller

When somebody needs extra money quickly and doesn’t have access to the usual forms of credit, selling some belongings to a pawn shop may be an option. Most pawnbrokers accept anything of value from about $20 on up that they can resell to customers in the store or other buyers. The chance to Sell Gold in Chicago this way is one method many people use to get some cash they need today.

The Process of Selling

To Sell Gold in Chicago to a pawnbroker, the customer must bring the items to the shop, where an associate will weigh and evaluate the items, then check the current market value. Most of the gold items brought to these businesses include rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins and watches. Silver items can be brought in too, but the market value for silver is nearly always substantially lower than for gold. If any of the jewelry or watches contains precious gems, that may boost the value.

Collateral for a Loan

People also can bring items to a store such as Clark Pawners & Jewelers to use as collateral for a loan. The main disadvantage in that case is they must pay back the amount with interest by the due date. However, if somebody needs money quickly and doesn’t want to part with a gold item forever, this is another option at the store. In fact, many men and women prefer pawn loans to getting small bank loans or payday advances because of the relative anonymity. There is no need to have proof of income or employment, and no credit check required.

Unwanted Possessions

At first, a person who needs fast cash for a car repair or other emergency may not think there is anything of value to sell. Then this individual might start to remember some things that are stashed away in a dresser drawer or a closet. There might be a bracelet that was a present from an old boyfriend in a relationship that ended badly. There might be a gold necklace picked up at a rummage sale for practically nothing. Visit to find out more about the goods this store wants to buy.

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