Three Lawn Care Myths Worth Avoiding

Caring for your lawn can be a tricky thing, especially if you’re new to the process. There seems to be all sorts of suggestions on how often to give your lawn water, what types of additives to use to help it grow, how often to mow and trim and so much more. Because of this, it can prove difficult to weed out what information about lawn care in Alpharetta is worth following and what is entirely non-factual. Below are three of the most common lawn care myths you may encounter.

Tonics Are One of the Most Efficient Solutions for Lawn Growth

Some people tout tonics, such as dishwashing detergent, beer, hydrogen peroxide and even Coca-Cola, as being a cure-all for problems with lawn care in Alpharetta. However, these substances all contain chemicals that could have unforetold side effects on your lawn and despite their supposed benefits, are much better off being used as intended.

Short Grass Is Healthy Grass

The ideal height for your grass depends largely upon what species it is. It never hurts to research how to care for the grass in your lawn so you know what steps to take to keep it healthy. As a general guideline, however, try to limit your trimming to ⅓ of its growth.

Watering Your Lawn on a Daily Basis Keeps It Green and Vibrant

This myth may seem to make perfect sense at first, especially during the summer months when your lawn is at its most vulnerable. However, while watering regularly certainly helps your lawn survive the summer, this strategy also has its drawbacks. Over time, your lawn will grow too used to receiving so much water on a daily basis. This means should you miss a day, the grass suffers for it. Consider giving your lawn water on a weekly basis, rather than every day. One hour once per week should be more than enough for healthy lawn care in Alpharetta.

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