The Pros and Cons of Laser Eye Surgery

Before investing in laser eye surgery, you should seriously consider the cons as well as the pros involved:

Mistakes can happen

A doctor with less than stellar skills can make a mistake, which could lead to complications and problems. That’s why the importance of finding a competent and experienced eye doctor cannot be stressed enough.

Not ideal for everyone

If you’re pregnant, or have a medical condition, you might not be a good candidate for the surgery. Also, you’ll need to check for risk factors. If your corneas are thick enough to handle the surgery or your pupils are just the right size to ensure less glare, starbursts and halos when you drive at night, then you’re good to god.

Dry eyes

If you have a history of dry eyes, the surgery can worsen your condition, says Consumer Reports. Still, a skilled eye doctor can do a lot to prevent this from happening or could prescribe you with ample measures to make the discomfort go away such as eye drops and instructions to make sure your eyes get plenty of rest. That should help reduce dryness in your eyes.

No more glasses or contact lenses

The surgery effectively eliminates the need for corrective eyewear like glasses. You won’t have to wear them anymore. If you’ve always wanted to go without glasses, then this is an option you’ll definitely want to consider.

Do you hate the hassle of wearing contacts? You won’t have to stick those contacts in and get them out at night, spending time on cleaning them up and storing them away. With eye surgery, taking care of your eyes is now so much more convenient and easy.

Improved eyesight

The surgery gives you back clarity and better vision. If you have trouble reading street signs or anything that’s further than an inch from your face, opting for a surgery with a trained doctor is the best way to move forward.

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