Three Services That An Expert Plumber In Renton Can Provide

An issue with the plumbing of a home can not only be annoying but can create serious health concerns if it is not addressed promptly. While everyone knows the essential services a plumber provides, some are not as well known but can help any homeowner when problems arise. Before a person attempts to tackle the following items on their own, they should consider hiring a professional Plumber in Renton to come to the rescue. Here are just a few of the projects they can tackle, and provide a homeowner with relief for an affordable price.

Tankless Water Heater Conversion

One of the most efficient ways to provide a home with hot water is to use a tankless hot water system. It only heats water as it is needed, which eliminates electricity usage when the water heater isn’t in use. In addition to altering the plumbing, they will also need to adjust the electrical lines, as an instant water heater may require as much as four times the electrical current as a standard tank version.

Gas Line Installation

One of the services that a plumber provides that most people aren’t aware of is gas line installation. Whether it’s for new construction or an existing home, they can run a line from the main gas line or an auxiliary gas tank. Rather than calling a gas company, consider calling a Plumber in Renton and allow them to address any gas line installation or repair needs.

Sewer Repair

A sewer line and system can fail due to a number of reasons. A plumber will have the diagnostic equipment to identify the problem and fix it without delay. Whether it is a city sewer connection or a septic tank, a plumber will have the tools to properly repair the issue and ensure the septic system is running properly.

A homeowner should make dealing with plumbing issues as simple as possible by contacting Pat’s Plumbing. Their team of licensed plumbers can help address problems big and small and ensure they are fixed right the first time. Call to learn more about the services they provide and schedule a repair appointment today.

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