The Relationships Among Dirty Air Filters, No Air Filters and the Need for Heating Repair in Gig Harbor

After someone hears warnings about how bad it is for a furnace to run it with a very dirty filter, this person might decide it’s time to check the filter. Perhaps the device hasn’t been changed in more than a year. Upon seeing how filthy it is, this individual decides to remove it and run the furnace without a filter for now. This is inadvisable unless the person plans to replace it within the next day or two. Otherwise, removal of the filter may cause a need for Heating Repair in Gig Harbor.

Two Main Purposes

The filter has two main purposes. The furnace draws air through return-air registers in the home. When doing so, some dust and bits of debris come along. The filter stops those substances from going through the furnace and back into the house through the vents. Without a filter, the dust, pollen, hair and other materials make the inside of the furnace dirty and blow back into rooms of the home.

Filthy Filter vs. No Filter

Heating and cooling technicians strongly encourage customers to never run the furnace, or the central air conditioner, with an air filter in place. If the filter really is alarmingly filthy, running the appliance without it for a short time may be better. This is certainly true if there are signs that the furnace is overheating.
For example, if it only runs for a few minutes and shuts off, and does this repeatedly, it may be overheating because of the clogged filter. Removing the device may solve the problem. If the issue continues, something else has gone wrong. It’s best to stop running the appliance and call for Heating Repair in Gig Harbor.

Professional Furnace Cleaning

It’s possible that the person becomes distracted after removing the filter and forgets to replace it. If the furnace continues to be run without this device for several weeks, calling for furnace cleaning and maintenance from an organization such as Brooks’ Comfort Zone is advisable. The technician brushes and vacuums out any dust and dirt that has accumulated in the appliance since the last time it was cleaned.

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