The Right Way to Use Curly Hair Detangling Brush: Prevent Breakage

Curly hair requires the utmost care when detangling. The natural coily shape of each strand makes your hair strand vulnerable to overlapping, interlocking, and tangling. But, with the right technique when using the detangling brush, you can turn any bad hair day into a good one.

Below, we provide step-by-step instructions to help you use a curly hair detangling brush in a manner to prevent breakage and intense shedding.

Choose the Right Kind of Detangling Brush for Your Curly Hair

The right kind of detangling brush for your curly hair consists of semi-flexible bristles. A brush with stiff teeth can cause breakage rip from the strands right to the roots in natural curly hair. Brush with the Best’s Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush has a widely-spaced flexi-bristles that glide through your hair strands, releasing knots without any discomfort.

This brush works effortlessly for all hair types, from curly to kinky curly and straight to super thick or even synthetic hair.

Do Not Forget To Do Finger Combing

It may sound silly but finger combing your wet hair can smoothen the hair, making the whole process of detangling a lot easier. It also helps to loosen up larger knots.

Detangle Your Curly Hair Section By Section

Haphazardly brushing your hair leaves your curls prone to breakage. Therefore, it is best to divide your curly into four sections and then brush them from the bottom first. Then work your way up to the roots.

Lastly, do not rush through the process. Remember, the slower you go while using a curly hair detangling brush, the better.