The Simple Bite: Working Interchangeable Parts into Industrial Mechanics

Despite the variety of brands and types of centrifugal pumps in the United States industrial markets, few have interchangeable standards. The American National Institute Pump Standard (ANSI), provides a set of dimensions, in inches, that describes the envelope measurement in an ANSI centrifugal pump. These configurations typify the American market. In the past seventy years, the ANSI standards experienced repeated revisions and considerations to integrate with other standards This action made pump standards more cohesive and useful in industrial markets across the globe.

The Rationale in Sound Mechanics
The design for these centrifugal pumps adhere to dimensions stipulated by established standards used by ANSI B73.1 or ASME B73.1. These guidelines precisely delineate specifications to all end-suction pumps that are horizontally mounted and single-stage. Thanks to ANSI, no matter the brand, similar size pumps have interchangeable parts. This holds, even if additional sizing of envelopes and interface are equivalent across the board of manufacturers.

Interchangeable Parts
To build rapport across the whole of industrial manufacturing, it seems wise to choose equipment that soundly matures to anticipate long-term considerations. Creating industrial installations with ANSI standards benefits three-fold:

  • Purchasing ANSI centrifugal pump can be ideal because users can interchange parts from other ANSI pumps without the need to change the pump’s location, mounts, or attachments.
  • An ANSI centrifugal pump has a singular use. That is with managing low viscosity liquids.
  • There is only one standard that ANSI centrifugal pumps have to meet. Outside of that direction, finding replacement parts may be difficult.