What You Should Know About Pet First Aid Training in Vancouver, WA

Nothing makes you feel more helpless than having your little fur buddy get injured when you are away from home. When a vet is not close by, what you do for your pet can make a real difference. Here is what you should know about pet first aid training.

Take Care of Your Pet Anywhere
The primary reason that pet owners choose to have first aid training for their fur babies is because accidents and illnesses can happen anywhere. Spending a few minutes performing some basic first aid and emergency treatment can give your pet a better chance of surviving.

Helps Your Pet Until You Can Get to a Vet
Pet first aid training in Vancouver, WA, does not replace veterinary care, even in an emergency. Once you take care of your pet, you should get to a vet as soon as possible. Your role is just to stabilize your pet until a vet can take over the care.

Wide Range of Treatments
The first aid training that you receive for your pet includes treatment for minor injuries, such as cuts and sprains, as well as more significant treatments, such as CPR should your pet stop breathing or the heart stops working. You will also know what you should carry in your vehicle and backpack to take care of your pet, such as bandages, splints, stretchers, and antibiotic ointment.

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