There’s No Reason To Suffer Alone When An Auto Accident Lawyer In Bellingham WA Will Represent You For Free

It is hard to believe that an individual can receive the legal advice and support they need without any money out of his or her own pocket. When a victim of a negligent act contacts an Auto Accident Lawyer in Bellingham WA, they will protect their rights and receive a higher settlement than they can receive on their own. The insurance company might seem like they are friendly and concerned about a victim, but they are only fishing for information about the victim and not really concerned about their injuries.

Insurance companies have many lawyers who work on their behalf to save them as much money as possible. A victim needs to have an aggressive attorney fighting on their side for a fair settlement. Even if the victim has started a negotiation process with the insurance company, they should never sign a settlement agreement before an accident attorney reads the agreement.

After An Automobile Accident

An individual should never admit fault to the police, witnesses, or other parties involved in an accident. It is important to obtain as much information as possible about the other individuals, including their name, address, telephone number, insurance policy number, insurance company, make, model, and license plate of the car. A victim should also seek medical treatment as quickly as possible after the accident and follow all of the doctor’s recommendations.


An individual can receive a financial settlement based on their medical expenses, ambulance cost, vehicle bills, etc. A victim can receive many non-economic damages with the help of an Auto Accident Lawyer in Bellingham WA. Pain and suffering, loss of consortium, inconvenience, and loss of enjoyment of life, embarrassment and emotional anguish are only a few of the non-economic damages an individual can receive.

If the individual is unable to work, they could receive compensation for their lost wages. If the victim is unable to return to work, their future wages could also be taken into consideration.

If you have been a victim of an automobile accident that you were not at fault, please Visit the website to learn how an attorney can help. Going through the process unrepresented could result in an unfavorable outcome to the case. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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