Three Reasons Land Owners Choose Asphalt Millings When Resurfacing A Driveway Or Road

A paved road or driveway should provide a smooth, even surface for parking or driving vehicles. Traffic and weather can cause an asphalt surface to wear and create potholes or an uneven surface that can damage a vehicle’s tires and suspension. A paving company can repair an asphalt surface and restore it to its original condition. While resurfacing with new asphalt is an option, many choose to use Asphalt Millings to make repairs. Before deciding between an asphalt milling or standard resurfacing, it is important to understand the many benefits associated with re-purposing the used asphalt during the repair process.

Earth-Friendly Process Creating asphalt uses a lot of natural resources. When landowners choose to have their asphalt milled, they are choosing to reuse the existing asphalt by removing it and having it processed before it is reapplied to repair the surface. Asphalt Millings can also help save homeowners money, as it is more cost effective than having to use new blacktop during the resurfacing process.

Superior Bonding while potholes can be filled before blacktopping, choosing to resurface a driveway without removing the worn surface can cause bonding issues when the new asphalt is applied. By removing the top of the asphalt surface, the crew is also removing all of the imperfections and creating a flat surface that will improve the adherence of the blacktop. This will produce a result that will last for years and require minimal maintenance.Reduced VibrationEven the most advanced paving equipment cannot remove all imperfections during a standard resurfacing.

Milling the asphalt first will create a surface that is level, smooth and reduces the vibration that is felt when driven on. Vibration can also be an indicator that the bonding process was not successful and could be a sign that potholes are likely to form.A worn asphalt surface can be frustrating and cause damage to vehicles if not repaired properly. The professionals at JH & Sons Paving Inc. can tackle any paving job and offer a full array of services, including custom asphalt milling.

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