Factors To Consider When Buying A Used Medium Duty Truck

by | May 19, 2016 | Automotive

If you are in the market for a used medium duty truck, there are several things that are going to be important to keep in mind. Buying used will allow you to upgrade the features of a truck, but it also means you may potentially be buying someone else’s problems.

The simple fact is that by taking your time and actually looking at the truck, as well as by choosing to do business with a reputable truck dealer, you can minimize the risk of the vehicle and find a great truck at a terrific price.

Trucks on the Market

There are a lot of used medium duty truck models on the market today, and many have very low miles and very low hours. Some of this surplus is due to the economy and companies downsizing or even going out of business.

Yet other companies may be moving from owning trucks to leasing, or perhaps using a delivery service. Whatever the reason may be, these trucks are often a fraction of the price of new with all the latest in features and technology.

Use of the Truck

Not every truck is right for every company and for every type of use. Unless you have experience with trucks, it is better to go to a trusted dealership and explain just what you want to the sales rep.

While this may seem like providing too much information and lowering your leverage on a great deal, it actually provides you with real benefits. The sales rep will be able to suggest specific makes and models that will be specifically suited to your needs.

Depending on the hours of driving you need, the miles on the truck and the type of freight you need to haul, the sales rep may suggest a newer or slightly older model of truck. He or she will be able to provide you information on why the truck will suit your needs, and they can make sure it will work with your budget.


Over and above the price and looks, how the used medium duty truck is going to perform in the conditions you need it to work is an important factor. If you need a vehicle for driving in the city, a cab-over may be more driver-friendly, and it will also allow for maneuverability in small spaces.

Test driving several trucks will be important. Some dealers may even recommend a lease of the truck for a few weeks or months to make sure it is the right combination of truck, cargo space and drivability based on your delivery needs.

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