Three Times Pizza Is the Best Choice in Washington County, OR

Everyone loves pizza, so it makes sense that you’re looking for pizza places in Washington County, OR. Pizza is just one of those foods that seems to put a smile on everyone’s face as soon as it shows up. You can choose traditional pepperoni or plain cheese pizza, or you can really take it to the next level and order taco or pineapple and ham pizzas. Contact us if you know that you’re ready to order. In the meantime, following are examples of times that ordering pizza is a no-brainer.

Watching Sports
When the big game is on, you want to make sure that you’re serving food that’s easy to eat, a cinch to put together, and satisfies the appetites of the largest number of people. Pizza is that food. Schedule delivery to arrive when everyone will be ready to settle down and feast.

Kids’ Birthday Parties
There’s nothing better than pizza at a kid’s birthday party. Children are usually very picky eaters, and they rarely agree on what’s delicious and what’s not. One thing that they do tend to agree on is that pizza is probably the best food on earth. It’s easy and quick to order, it’s easy to serve, and most kids will eat it. Always check with parents for allergies like gluten intolerances or milk allergies before placing pizza orders for kids.

Office Lunches
There’s something about ordering a round of pizzas for the office that just gets everyone in a great mood. It could almost be considered a team-building food since people come out of the woodworks to join in on the feast. Choose several different options to make sure that you whet everyone’s taste buds.

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