Three Tips to Save Money on Destination Honeymoons

Once the wedding festivities are over, it is time to celebrate the new nuptials with a luxurious, fun, and memorable honeymoon. Unfortunately, destination honeymoons can be quite costly for newlyweds. Follow these three tips to make sure overspending does not become an issue when planning a dream honeymoon.

Honeymoon Registries

While fine China, pots, pans, and crystal wine glasses are traditional wedding gifts, many brides and grooms are putting away with standard gift registries and are starting honeymoon registries instead. A honeymoon registry works just like a wedding gift registry. However, guests will not be buying actual items as gifts. Instead, they will be giving money toward the honeymoon by gifting funds to the registry. Once it is time to book the honeymoon, the money that was gifted to the registry can be turned into cold hard cash and used as funds for the dream getaway. This alternative is a great way to get the honeymoon entirely paid for or simply ensure less money comes out of pocket to pay for the expenses.

Think About All-Inclusive

Consider an all-inclusive resort when planning the honeymoon. All-inclusive resorts typically charge a flat rate for each guest. That rate includes the stay at the hotel, all the amenities, unlimited food, unlimited beverages (alcohol included), and unlimited entertainment. If eating the most delicious of foods and drinking the fanciest of wines are two things that you and your significant other enjoy, choosing an all-inclusive could definitely save loads of money. Disney and many Caribbean resorts offer all-inclusive deals.

“Shoulder” Seasons

Each popular honeymoon destination has a low and high season. However, many do not know there is also a “shoulder” season when traveling. The “shoulder” season is simply right in the middle of high and low times. For example, “shoulder” season in the Caribbean is in late spring and “shoulder” season in Europe is in early fall. During “shoulder” season, the demands are low but the weather is still beautiful. Booking Destination Honeymoons during “shoulder” season will cost substantially less than booking the trip during high season considering high season is when many resorts up their prices since the demand is there and thriving.

Follow these three simple tips to save money when planning Destination Honeymoons. Visit for even more awesome cost-saving honeymoon tips. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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