Three Ways You Can Save on Going to a Concert Near Navy Pier

Concerts are exciting events, especially if the artists have them close to the Navy Pier area. You can save money on your next concert by doing these three things.

Use a Discount Ticket Site

One thing you can do to save money at a concert is to visit a discount ticket site. Some websites specialize in offering people lower prices on shows and music concerts. You might get lucky if you use a comparison site to figure out which discount ticket shop can offer you the biggest price drop.

Buy Your Tickets Early or Late

You can also save money on a concert if you do the opposite of what the rest of the crowd is doing. Buy your tickets a few months ahead of time or buy your tickets at the last minute. You are sure to get a deal if you handle yourself that way.

Save Money on the Parking

Saving on parking is the best way to give yourself an indirect discount. If you can find a cheap parking garage near Navy Pier, you can save some money on your entire concert experience. Visit a reliable website that can help you find a cheap parking garage near Navy Pier that will be inexpensive for you. That way, you’ll have more money left over to buy yourself some good refreshments and souvenirs for the family.

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