Tips On Hiring a Marble Bathroom Countertop Installer

Marble countertops can make an astonishingly beautiful addition to the bathroom of any home. However, one must be careful when hiring installers as they are not all equal. Here are a few tips when hiring a company to install a Marble Bathroom Countertop in Johnson County, MO .

  • Keep an eye on pricing. Some companies may lure a customer in with cheap per-square-foot cost but then tack on additional charges for such things as cutting out space for the sink, edging the profiles, and the actual installation of the counter itself.

  • Make sure the grade is correct. Marble comes in various grades and using too low of a grade will result in a finished product that has unpleasant veins and blotches that take away from the potential beauty of the countertop.

  • Ask to see the entire marble slab before cutting takes place. This allows any unwanted natural markings can be avoided before the stone is cut and the counter is installed.

  • Ask if the installer has equipment that is up-to-date. An installer that uses old or obsolete cutting equipment may provide a finished product that has rough edges or cuts that are inaccurate. This will result in a countertop that may not be able to be sealed properly.

  • Get a list of references and check with consumer review websites to see what past customers have to say about the company.

  • A reputable countertop installer should be a member of their local home builder association and the national Marble Institute of America. Installers without these credentials should be avoided.

  • Ask if the installer has any professional advice based on their experience to help with what Marble Bathroom Countertop would look the best with the existing decor. Very often an installer will inherently know what works and what does not based on working with previous customers.

When the time comes to hire a Marble Bathroom Countertop installer that has years of experience and a host of satisfied customers, look no further than the reputable compan. They are a company that stands behind their work and has a crew that exhibits a true love of working with high-end marble products. You can follow them on Facebook for more information.

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