Tips for a Small Bathroom Remodel Project in Gaithersburg

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Remodeling

For those on a budget, it can be a scary notion to consider a small bathroom remodel project, but there are many great tips you can use to help you get the bathroom you want for as little as possible, without cutting any corners and by using a professional Gaithersburg company. It is important to remember that the bathroom is sometimes the most expensive remodel project in the whole home, but there are some small renovations you can do or one large renovation to greatly change the look of your small room.


Old, broken or missing tiles make your bathroom look old, outdated and tired. Instead of trying to install all new tiles, consider replacing those that need to be replaced. You may be surprised by how much those broken and missing tiles make you feel and think your bathroom is ugly and that by simply replacing those problem tiles, you can have a new-looking bathroom. It can be less expensive to have a professional in your home to replace tiles and grout than by having them install a whole new tile system.

However, if the tiles are the only thing you want to change, you could consider changing the tile color or installing new tile, which won’t cost too much and will give the bathroom a new lease on life.


Adding some paint to the walls can be an easy way to vamp up any room, including small bathrooms. Consider the colors prevalent in your bathroom and then use variations of that color for the walls, which will add dimension, height and make the room look bigger.

In most cases, you can do your own painting to save money, but make sure you have painter’s tape, rollers, brushes and paint pans, along with the paint and everything else needed to do the job well.


If the tile and walls look great, but the room still seems small and uninviting, consider the cabinets or lack thereof. While some bathrooms are meant to be modern and clean, most bathrooms have areas that can be used to store items. If your cabinets and shelves are dingy, dark, broken, mismatched or otherwise annoying, it will take away from the feel. Cabinets that aren’t broken can be stripped and painted or stained a new color. Broken cabinets should be repaired first. If you have a little extra money, consider starting from scratch and create exactly the cabinets and space you need.

Small bathroom remodel options in Gaithersburg can be easy, fun and inexpensive. Use a respectable company such as American Bath Inc.

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