What Kinds of Cases Are Handled in Family Law?

If you feel your situation may require an appearance in family court, it is wise to understand which kinds of cases are actually handled in family law. You will not want to waste time on filing a claim in family court when you need to file it in civil court or small claims court. Divorce, for instance, is primarily handled in family law with the help of a family lawyer. Some family courts have videographers in Maryland who come to divorce hearings and prepare a video recording of the entire hearing between the two parties involved.

Obtaining Child Support

Filing for child support is also handled in family court and you may either be the one who is asking for the child support order or someone who needs to get the amount you owe reduced or even eliminated if tests show that the child is not yours. If you need legal support which may include videographers in Maryland to be a part of the hearing, you should contact a family lawyer. Child custody cases and adoption related cases are also handled in family law.

Cases Regarding The Execution of A Person’s Will

When a person passes away and leaves behind a will, the family lawyer may be hired to handle issues that arise regarding the execution of that person’s will. Sometimes certain family members may contest the details of the deceased person’s will and another hearing or mediation may be needed as a result.

Abuse in The Family

Although most family abuse cases are handled in criminal courts, there are situations where the family court would be involved in these cases. If one parent who abused his children is convicted and sent to prison, the family court would step in and award child custody to the other parent, the child’s relatives or to foster parents.

Family law covers the above mentioned cases and if you feel that there are legal issues which cannot be solved with communication alone, then you should hire a family lawyer. You want to have all necessary documents ready to present to your lawyer and answer all questions truthfully. If necessary, talk with your lawyer about having certain persons act as witnesses on your behalf in the case. Be as civil as you can with the other party and have patience because depending on the nature of the case it could be a while before the case is solved.

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