Tips For Buying Large Orders Of Stock Aluminum Extrusions

Any type of shape made through the process of forcing soft aluminum alloy through a die is known as an extrusion. Stock aluminum extrusions are those common shapes that are used in a wide variety of different applications and in various industries.

Often stock aluminum extrusions will be similar between aluminum suppliers. However, it is also not uncommon for different suppliers to have greater of fewer options with regards to what they have in inventory.

If you are planning on buying large orders of stock aluminum extrusions, there are a few different factors to keep in mind. These factors or considerations can help you to find a top company to do business with and may even allow you to lower your project budget.

On Hand Inventory

The one big advantage to buying stock aluminum extrusions is the speed it can be put on a truck and shipped. This is possible since there is no need to create a custom die and complete the extrusion process.

Companies offering stock aluminum extrusions should have the inventory needed to fill your order on hand. However, for extremely large orders on-hand inventory may not be enough, so asking about the lead time required to have the order available will be important.

Size Options and Alloys

Not all companies offering stock aluminum extrusions will carry the same options in different sizes, alloys, and options. Always carefully check what is available and what sizes and alloys the company offers. You may quickly find that some of the order is going to be considered a custom extrusion, which can increase the cost and the time to delivery.

Other Aluminum Products

If you are buying stock aluminum extrusions it is very likely you may also need aluminum sheet or plate. If you do, consider placing the order for the aluminum extrusions as well as the other aluminum materials from the same company.

This can help to dramatically reduce shipping costs to streamline the ordering process. With only one supplier and one delivery, it will be easier and more efficient to schedule and plan for the project rather than dealing with multiple suppliers and shippers.

Finding the right company to supply stock aluminum extrusions is a great way to build a partnership with a top supplier. Remember, these companies also provide custom extrusions that can help you with future projects and production.

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