Tips For Features To Have On A Sludge Dewatering Box

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Waste Management

Selecting the right sludge dewatering box to locate on your commercial property is always an important decision. Ideally, choosing a roll-off style of tank that is either a 15 cubic yard or a 30 cubic yard dewatering unit is the best option.

These units are designed to be used with any standard roll-off truck system, allowing the company to opt to purchase a truck for their own use or providing the option to use any standard waste disposal service to haul off the unit and empty it as needed.

Consider Construction

Not all companies manufacture their sludge dewatering box models with the best materials for the job. The best tanks are made of carbon steel, and specifically, they use A-36 carbon steel as a minimum quality of material.

They also provide full bracing in the tank, ensure it is built to last. This is also important to stand up to the loading and unloading that does create pressure on the tank over time. There should easy emptying of the tank, and any doors on the unit should have a watertight, gasketed door that meets all requirements for safe transport of the waste material.

In addition to the actual physical components of the dewatering unit, pay particular attention to the drainage system set up in the box. The drains should be level with the floor to provide optimal draining of water, with drains along the side and also on the rear door to the unit.

When looking online for sludge dewatering box models, choose suppliers and companies with clear information and specs about the construction of the boxes they offer. This provides the consumer with a very clear picture of the quality control and the attention to details that are built into the system.

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