How to Reseed Grass After Tree Stump Removal in Anaheim

There are many reasons homeowners choose to have trees removed from their properties. These include avoiding damage to nearby structures, preventing the spread of disease, or making space for new landscaping features or structures. Once a tree has been removed, a stump will be left.

Tree Stump Removal in Anaheim is a task best left to professionals who have all the right equipment to perform this difficult task effectively and efficiently. After the stump has been ground, homeowners have two options. They can either pay a tree or landscaping service to get everything back in order or they can place finishing touches on their lawns themselves by following the steps below.

Clear the Debris

Grass doesn’t grow very well on wood chips, so it’s important to remove all debris from the area prior to reseeding. This includes branches, any leftover exposed roots, and wood chips produced during the stump grinding process.

Add Soil

Make sure to purchase topsoil or garden soil rather than fill dirt. It usually takes a few bags of soil to completely cover the hole left by the stump, but it’s important to fill the hole completely to avoid leaving unsightly and potentially dangerous dips or holes.

Seed the Area

First, scatter the seeds by hand, making sure that all of the bare soil is covered. Next, rake the seeds into the topsoil and cover them with a quarter inch of additional soil or peat moss. This will ensure proper growing conditions for the grass.

Ensure Growth

The area will need to be adequately maintained to make sure the grass will grow. Don’t let the area dry out, but don’t over-water either, as this can wind up washing away seeds. Keep watering frequently until the grass is at least two inches high.

An Easier Solution

Cleaning up a yard and making sure everything looks pristine after a Tree Stump Removal in Anaheim takes a lot of work. Homeowners who want to make the most of the new space they’ve gained by removing unsightly stumps might want to consider hiring a tree company that will provide more comprehensive cleanup services. Check out Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc to learn about tree removal, stump grinding, and cleanup services today. You can also connect them on Facebook.