Tips For Getting Estimates From Moving Companies In Chicago

The whole purpose of getting estimates from moving companies in Chicago is to allow a customer, either for a residential or commercial move, to plan the financial cost of the move.

It is also a perfect opportunity to speak directly to moving companies in Chicago and to determine which services can be of benefit to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. At the same time, an estimate is provided for the move additional services can also be recommended and priced. This allows the customer to decide which options, from packing services to additional valuation coverage, are most cost effective for their needs.

By Phone

It is always recommended to ask for an in-person estimate from moving companies in Chicago. Providing information on the phone with regards to the contents of your home and the type of furniture which will need to be move can be a challenge.

When moving companies in Chicago provide estimates over the phone, the sales representative is relying on the information provided by the customer. Often customers will fail to mention large items or to assume the furniture they have in a particular room in the home average, which is what the quote will be based on.

This typically leads to problems on moving day when the movers actually arrive. They may not have the packing supplies needed, or they may not have the right sized truck or moving the crew to get the job done. In a worst case scenario, this can cause lengthy delays and a significant increase in the estimated cost.

In Person

Top moving companies in Chicago will recommend an in-person visit by a professional trained in assessing the contents of the home or business and determining a very accurate cost estimate.

In addition, the professional will also provide information on any special items that may need to be dismantled for safe moving or those which may need special packing and crating. These items can include artwork, mirrors, and even electronic equipment or breakable or fragile items.

While a phone estimate is fast and simple, for a full home or business move it is simply not accurate and tends to create problems for both the customer, as well as the movers. To safeguard the contents of the home or business as well as to get an accurate picture of what is needed and what the cost will be top moving companies in Chicago will request an in-person estimate.

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