Questions To Ask Local Movers In Memphis

Hiring local movers in Memphis to complete a short move in town or within areas around the city starts with asking the right questions. By comparing the answers from different companies, you will be more informed as a consumer. You will also have the ability to select the moving company offering the services, professional staff and the price which is the best match for your needs.

Not all local movers in Memphis are small one or two truck services. Many of the nationally recognized moving companies are also local movers in Memphis, providing great service and features for their customers combined with the experience and expertise of a national or international relocation company.

There are a lot of local movers in Memphis with outstanding websites that provide a wealth of information. Look for movers’ sites that feature tips, videos and resources that are available for use. These are handy guides for moving and can help avoid common mistakes made by first-time movers.

Despite all the information online about local movers in Memphis, it is still very important to ask relevant questions when the professional estimator is at your residence. Depending on your specific move, you may need to ask about a variety of issues including the questions below.

Experience with Apartment Moves

Not all local movers in Memphis have extensive experience in moving into and out of apartments. This can be a complicated procedure as different buildings may have specific times for move-ins and move-outs, and there may be a lot of restrictions on the use of elevators.

In addition, there is more work in apartment moves, especially with the large furniture items. Talking in advance with local movers in Memphis will be important to plan and coordinate these moves.

How will Large Items be Moved?

Big items such as appliances, couches, loveseats, recliners, chairs, beds, dressers and kitchen tables all require special wrapping. They also need to be loaded into the truck in a specific order with relation to the lighter boxes and items such as lamps, coffee tables, and other furniture.

Ask companies the specifics for how they load the truck and how they wrap and secure the large items as well as boxes and smaller items.

Are there any Extra Charges to the Quote?

It is also important when you get a rate quote to ask very specifically about other charges. You may also find you are given a non-binding quote by some companies, which means it can change. Other companies will offer a binding quote, which means it cannot be changed unless additional services are requested.

Some companies will also use a not-to-exceed estimate that gives you the most you would pay. This will vary based on the mover and what they anticipate with the move.

You should ask the local movers in Memphis if there are any additional costs anticipated in the move so they can be factored into your budget. This will allow you to make an accurate comparison between companies.

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