Tips for Preparing for Puppies First Shots in Honolulu

Owning a puppy involves doing what is needed to keep the pet healthy. Early on, there is a need for an array of Puppies First Shots in Honolulu. In order to reduce the level of trauma to the puppy and the owner, it pays to put these tips to good use. Use a Pet CarrierAfter making the appointment for the shots, secure a pet carrier.

The goal is to allow the puppy to play with the carrier and get used to being in it from time to time. Make a game out of it by closing the door to the carrier then transporting the pet to another room. This will help to ensure the puppy feels safe and comfortable when the time comes to carry the pet in for the shots. Remember that the pet carrier serves more than the purpose of keeping the pet calm. It also prevents the puppy from walking over the same area older and possibly very sick animals have recently trod. After the shots are administered, the puppy will not be as vulnerable, and it will be okay to forgo the carrier for future visits.

Releasing the Puppy From the Carrier Even after entering the space and getting to the waiting room, it is often a good idea to keep the pet in the carrier until it is time to move on to an examining room. This will prevent the puppy from mingling with other dogs that are also in the waiting area. Wait until the exam room is cleaned and then it will be time to release the puppy. Stay With the Puppy While the Shots are Administered Those Puppies First Shots in Honolulu can be frightening for the pet. Having a human nearby that is familiar helps to take some of the fear away.

The vet may allow the owner to keep a hand on the pet or even hold the animal while some of the shots are administered. The result is the owner and the puppy live through the encounter with a lot less difficulty.  They will help to put new pet owners at ease, and help them see just how important those shots and vaccinations are to the ongoing health of the puppy. Or you can visit Google+ page.

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