What Does the Black Masonic Class Ring Mean to a Wearer?

If you are a mason or are planning to join the fraternity, you may feel the need to get a symbol that shows your dedication and loyalty to the fraternity. The black Masonic ring acts as a reminder of the promise that one has given the fraternity. There are different designs of Masonic rings in the market. They all come with a variety of symbols and styles. However, wearing a Black Masonic Class Ring shows that one is a true mason. Click here for more information.

History of the rings

It is not clearly known when the masons started wearing rings. However, it is thought that the rings could have started being worn long before even the historic first meeting in 1771. While it is not a strict requirement to wear a Masonic ring, only a true mason would wear the ring because it signifies one’s dedication to the brotherhood.

About the design

The design on the Black Masonic Class Ring is used to tell a lot about the wearer. Some of the details that are displayed by the simple design include:

  • The type of lodge that the person is a member of.

  • A simple symbol of membership to the fraternity.

  • The rite of passage one has passed through.

  • The level of masonry one has attained.

Normally, the Masonic ring will be made of gold; this is a sign of the high value of the belonging and the purity of the wearer’s intentions. The embellishments on the ring can be made out of anything ranging from diamonds to pearls and other materials. Blue is a common color on Masonic ring embellishments.

Another common feature of the rings is the square and compass. These are the tools of a true mason. The person who wants a ring can get one custom made for them, or choose from a jeweler who specializes in the particular types of mason’s rings. It is important to get a Black Masonic Class Ring from a person who understands the value of being a true mason because they will create the designs with a good level of care. If you are looking for the perfect ring, visit J. Jenkins Sons Company.

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