Tips on How to Get the Right Stout for a Beginner

If you are trying your hand at smoking a cigar for the first time, the last thing you want is to appear uncouth and uninitiated. Here are a few tips to help you blend in and not announce to the world that it’s your first time to puff a cigar—even when it is.

Pick a mild one

This is a good option for beginners. Full-bodied cigars or those with a stronger flavor tend to be a bit too much for a new smoker, ThoughtCo. says.

Consider the cost

Another handy side-benny of choosing a mild cigar is that these are often a lot more affordable than full-bodied ones. That is ideal, in case you light it up incorrectly or make a few other mistakes. A low-cost cigar won’t cause you grief.

Check the stogie

If you set your mind on getting yourself non-Cuban cigars, then make sure you buy them from a reputable source. Look for online shops with a reliable reputation. Are deliveries on time? What about the quality of the products? Have there been any complaints about that? This is also a good time to check out reviews and feedback about the firm and its inventory. That way, you have much more sources to pull from. The reviews can tell you a lot about the firm, especially information that you wouldn’t find on the site of the cigar store, providing you with handy tips and advice.

Limit your purchases

You’ll want to limit your purchases if you don’t have a humidor yet. Shop only for cigars that you can finish within a few days. More than that and you could end up wasting quite a few, especially if your non-Cuban cigars are unprotected from the elements. Putting them inside proper storage like a closed Tupperware or container can help keep them from drying out much too quickly.

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