Online shopping is a blooming industry, with several major investing companies. With so many potential customers, maintaining their security is an important task. The user also needs to be aware of potential loopholes and security flaws.

Here are the top 5 tips you should keep in mind to shop safely online.

1. Keep your PC malware free

The most important step while shopping or making any bank transactions online is to ensure that your own PC is malware free. Malware can leak sensitive information from your computer to other servers. Using a strong antivirus should help prevent that.

2. Check the SSL certificate of the website

Check whether the website uses HTTPS; it’s better to not use the website if it is still using HTTP.

3. Passwords should be strong and different

You should always use strong passwords not just in online shopping websites but also in every other website you use. Also, remember to use different passwords for every website, so that even if one site gets hacked, you don’t need to worry about the other websites.

4. Payment security

While making payments, make sure that you are provided buyer’s protection and the transaction process is completely secure.

5. Prefer reputed websites

You will find that there are several online shopping websites available nowadays, but it’s better to use only reputed websites, no matter how lucrative the offers are in those other websites.

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