Treatment Options Used By A Maple Valley, WA, Massage Therapist

Most people in the Maple Valley, WA area, may not be familiar with the use of massage as a therapeutic treatment. They may associate massage with a day at the spa, providing a relaxing, restful experience. In some ways, the goal of therapeutic massage includes developing stress release, but it goes well beyond to relieve pain, reduce stiffness and tension, and to enhance blood flow to the area to speed up healing.

A massage therapist in Maple Valley WA is a highly trained, licensed professional. He or she must have completed the required training, passed the state exam, and maintain his or her professional license based on continuing education and other requirements.

Through understanding the issues you are experiencing, as well as knowing your goals for the treatment, the massage therapist then chooses the correct technique or massage method to use. In some cases, there may be more than one massage technique used over the course of a single session or throughout sessions.

Swedish Massage

For both muscle relaxation and increased blood flow to an area, Swedish massage is often the option most recommended by therapists. This massage technique uses lotions to allow the therapist’s hands to glide over the surface of the skin, gradually honing in on the problem area.

Deep Tissue Massage

For knots in the muscles that are usually associated with tension and stress, as well as injuries and chronic or acute pain, deep tissue massage is highly effective. The massage therapist uses specific techniques to release the underlying layers of muscle, allowing for the tension release.

Shiatsu Massage

One of the best known of the Eastern massage techniques, Shiatsu massage, uses pressure applied to the area of the muscle and held for a short period of time. The rhythmic motion and the pressure and release helps to stimulate blood flow and healing.

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