Truck Accident Lawyers in Harford County, MD Protect the Interests of Victims

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Lawyers and Law Firms

There are millions of professional drivers nationwide who are tasked with piloting large, commercial trucks safely to their destinations. However, even those truck drivers who are best trained and most experienced sometimes end up causing accidents.

Truck accident lawyers in Harford County, MD provide an important service by ensuring those who are injured in such collisions receive the compensation to which they are entitled. All that it will take after suffering an injury in an accident caused by a commercial truck is to visit a website like to get started.

Commercial Trucks Are Among the Most Dangerous Vehicles of All

It takes very little training to obtain and retain a standard driver’s license. While commercial drivers are held to higher standards, even they are far from infallible.

Some commercial drivers go for years without ever being involved in any accidents at all. Unfortunately, there are features inherent to large, commercial trucks that make accidents involving them more likely and frequently more serious. Some of the most significant of these factors include:

  • Weight

Even the largest passenger vehicles today rarely weigh much more than five thousand pounds. Commercial trucks, by contrast, are allowed to tip the scales at more than ten times that figure when fully loaded down. As a result, the amount of kinetic energy a commercial truck possesses when in motion will often be an order of magnitude more than the average car around it.

  • Visibility

Although many commercial trucks sit high above the road, visibility for drivers is frequently limited. Even having a number of mirrors in place leaves most commercial trucks with large blind spots that can contribute to accidents.

  • Maneuverability

Relatively small passenger vehicles can often avoid accidents by reacting appropriately. Large commercial trucks have much less of an ability to maneuver out of trouble.

Lawyers Make Sure Truck Accident Victims Will Be Compensated

Truck accident lawyers in Harford County, MD are consistently able to ensure their clients receive all the compensation they are entitled to when the driver of a large commercial vehicle causes an accident. Given that accidents involving commercial trucks are often serious, seeking legal representation after an accident is usually advisable.

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