Turbo Air Compressor Manufacturers And Compressor Choice

When it comes to selecting the right turbo air compressor, manufacturers suggest you consider various factors. Failure to look at all aspects involved can result in less than optimal results. In fact, it may reduce performance, decrease reliability, and affect such things as energy use and maintainability.

Factors in Choosing the Right Turbo Air Compressor

Several factors come into play when a company is considering the purchase of a turbo air compressor. Among the many aspects requiring deliberation are:

  • Purpose: No matter what turbo compressors you personally consider suitable, always consult professionals on what type is appropriate for the intended application
  • Location: Is the company planning to position the compressor inside the facility or outside? Consider such issues as:
  • Ease of operation
  • Safety requirements e.g., enclosure designs, protective devices
  • Health concerns
  • Maintenance access
  • Noise
  • Related controller systems
  • Cost
  • Fuel: Oil or oil-less are the two major choices. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Usage plays a major role in making a choice
  • Sizing: You need to define compressor capacities for the application. The formula for choosing the right one is more complicated for factory use than for a jackhammer
  • Air quality
  • Controls: Options are limited but vary according to the type of compressor you choose. For example, many have a simple start/stop switch while others, including the helical screw compressor, have, in addition to the basics several other controls e.g., load/unload control, inlet-valve modulation, automatic dual control and variable speed drive

All these matters factor into the type of turbo air compressor manufacturers recommend.

Turbo Air Compressor Manufacturers

When considering the purchase of a turbo air compressor, manufacturers suggest you carefully examine those factors influencing productivity. Influencing your selection should be placement, application and size. Always opt for an air compressor that suits both the application, and its specifications while ensuring the safety of all employees.

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