Under What Circumstances Can You Sue Your Lawyer?

If you engage the professional services of a lawyer and he or she fails to achieve a result in your favor you have no grounds to sue. Just because a lawyer did not get the results the client had anticipated is not grounds; if you feel your lawyer was negligent, breached his or her fiduciary duty or acted fraudulently then you are in a position to hire legal malpractice lawyers in Houston TX and take action.


The most common reason cited when there is a legal malpractice claim is negligence. In the case of negligence it must be proven that the lawyer failed to use reasonable care, this basically means that the lawyer took some action that a prudent lawyer would not have taken or the other way around, the lawyer did not take action that another lawyer would have taken.

Common reasons to cite negligence include:

* Providing wrong advice to the client
* Failure to file necessary documents in a timely manner
* Creation of conflict between himself and the client

To prove negligence your legal malpractice attorneys in Houston TX may bring in an expert witness that practices in the same area of law.

Breach of fiduciary duty:

When a client engages the services of a lawyer, the lawyer is a fiduciary of the client and as such must act in good faith on behalf of the client. The client interests must be above all other, he or she must disclose everything about the representation arrangement and cannot use a favored position to financially gain at the expense of the client.


Fraudulent activity is cause for legal action to be taken. A lawyer can be found guilty of fraud should he or she makes a representation that is known to be false, intending that the client take action based on this advice.

In the event you feel your lawyer committed a fraudulent act, was negligent or failed to act in good faith you may wish to hire legal malpractice attorneys in Houston TX and sue. You are invited to discuss the circumstances of your case with Minns & Arnett, Trial Lawyers online at Website URL

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