Use a flea market to test your business concept

Small entrepreneurs often start the same way; their hobby grows into their passion and their passion quickly grows into a saleable service or product and before long the passion of it all ends up with the hobby becoming a full time business venture. Many successful craftsmen, artists, cooks and retailers can speak of their stories having lived them.

Many budding entrepreneurs start by showing their wares at local flea markets, and the timing couldn’t be better. American homeowners are beginning to rekindle their love and appreciation for locally produced goods, crafts produced by artisans, vintage clothing and house wares. There is a definite appreciation for repurposed and recycled goods; a desire for a simple life as well as an uncertain economy is driving many people to shop at flea markets.

It’s not only hard goods, there is also a growing trend towards healthier foods; many homemakers who are justifiably proud of their pickles, preserves, baked goods or homebrew are finding an appreciative audience at flea markets.

When your hobby reaches the point where it shows sufficient promise to renting a small space, then a flea market is worth a shot. There is very little in the way of barriers to entry, all you need is a table, a box for your sales and a small fee for renting the space. If the market is outdoors then you will also need a tent, you will not need this if the market is held indoors.

Some budding entrepreneurs will have started by selling their goods online; even though this may be the case it is still a great idea to show up periodically at a flea market, this will give you a different perspective on the market. When you show your goods in public you can get a good idea of what your competitors are doing and how the public perceives your product.

Flea markets are ideal places to see how people respond to what it is you have, to find out what works and what doesn’t, it is hard to beat exposure, this is exactly what you get at a flea market, art fairs or crafts shows.

At this time when people are rethinking their buying habits, building customer loyalty is a must. This is especially true for those who are building their business around handmade goods and aspire to someday having their own store. Flea markets are ideal for this because there is a one-on-one interaction between the buyer and seller and ideas can be quickly discussed and pollinated.

If you are a budding entrepreneur or an individual that loves to get great products at great prices then flea markets are for you. For the greatest flea market experience you are invited to visit the Great Smokies Flea market in Kodak, TN.

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