4 Easy Fixes for Your Fridge Problems

Fridge on the fritz? If you’re having some problems and issues with your unit, here are a few easy refrigerator repair fixes from FamilyHandyMan to help you solve some of those problems on your own:

1. Icemaker Woes. Putting off the repairs? You might tell yourself that an icemaker really isn’t necessary. But if you ever happen to need a cold, iced drink at the end of a long day, you’ll find yourself adjusting your definition of necessary soon enough.
Solution: The usual icemaker problems have a lot to do with blockage. So one thing you can do is to check the water inlet tube for the ice. Before you can do that, though, you’d have to remove the icemaker from the fridge. Do it by removing the screws. Disconnect the wiring harness and then you can remove the icemaker. Check the tube. If there’s ice there, the water probably froze before reaching the icemaker, hence the blockage. Just remove that ice, restore everything and your icemaker will be good as new.

2. Leaky Fridge. The leak’s probably coming from the water dispensers in your fridge. If you don’t have those, then a system failure in your fridge could be responsible for the puddles on your kitchen floor.
Solution: If you’ve got dispensers, then check the connections for a leak. If it’s coming from an inlet valve, get your screwdriver. Use that to tighten the compression nuts. If the problem’s in the copper tube, then replace that copper tube with a new one. For refrigerators that don’t have dispensers, try leveling your fridge. A bad tilt might be responsible for the spills. Proper leveling can make this problem disappear.

3. Freezer Letdown. If your freezer dies on you—and on your emergency stash of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream—the first thing you need to do is: don’t panic.
Solution: Before you start transferring any perishables, especially meat, from your freezer into your fridge, make sure you check if the fridge has been properly plugged in the first place. Sometimes, the most common sign of freezer failure is nothing more than someone tripping over the cord and forgetting to plug the fridge back in. That or someone might have adjusted your temperature controls. Too low on the dial can reduce your ice cream to a juicy mess.

These are 4 simple refrigerator repair fixes you can keep in mind. For more serious cases, though, call in the services of an expert. That way, you’ll know for sure that the repairs will be performed competently and satisfactorily well.

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