Using a Boat Trailer Dolly

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Boat Trailers

Boat Dollies are a perfect way to show off your boat and navigate your boat over short distances quickly and efficiently.

Parts of a Dolly

  • Frame
    Commonly made from steel, aluminum, or galvanized metal at an extra charge. The frame is sometimes adjustable, for different sizes of boats.
  • Wheels
    Wheels are primarily made from solid foam or low-pressure balloon tires.
  • Arms
    Made to support the body of the boat, the arms are frequently padded to avoid damaging the surface of your boat and for easy adjustment.

Advantages of Dollies
A boat trailer dolly is small in comparison to other boat storage and transportation options. The compactness gives more flexibility for quick storage of the dolly itself. Due to its size, maintenance is not as involved, and loading your boat into the dolly is not as much of a chore as it is to a trailer with more parts.

A dolly also allows for quick transportation of your boat for small distances, such as from one dock space to another or from the water to your hitch. Because it is a smaller product, it is less expensive. Some additional upgrades include lock brakes for ultimate security. Ordering a customized model to tailor your boat is also a possibility at some companies.

Disadvantages of Dollies
While a dolly’s size can be a benefit, it can also hinder the distance you can move your boat. It is not made to maneuver or support heavy boats. A boat trailer dolly is also not intended to be used over uneven grounds. Further, because the dollies are smaller, sometimes two or more dollies are needed.

How to Load
Loading your boat into a boat trailer dolly will become a part of your automatic routine after you have completed it a few times and become comfortable with the procedure as follows:

1. Lock brakes on dolly in place
2. Adjust your dolly to appropriate size for your boat
3. Lock arms into place
4. Center boat on the dolly
5. Ensure boat is evenly distributed and secure

As well, always be cautious while operating a dolly. It is always important to proceed carefully and continually check your dolly for loose parts.

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