Using An Auto Body Paint Shop Newport News VA To Repair A Paint Chip

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Auto Repair

When a vehicle sustains damage causing the paint to chip away from the body, the owner will most likely want to have it repaired as soon as possible to renew its look. Paint chipping is a project that an Auto Body Paint Shop Newport News VA would be able to handle professionally, leaving the vehicle in like-new condition. The process in adding paint over metal is one that will take several days to complete. For this reason, the vehicle will need to be left on the premises. Some body shops will offer a lender vehicle for the vehicle’s owner during this time. If the paint job is being done due to extensive damage, the vehicle’s owner may be able to get a rental vehicle via their car insurance.

The first thing the shop will do is prepare the vehicle for painting. At this time the affected area will be cleaned in its entirety. This is just the initial cleaning, allowing the service to see the extent of the damage they will be repairing. They will then sand down the area using a variety of gritted sandpaper abrasives. When the affected area is completely sanded down and smooth to the touch, the spot will need to be cleaned once again. This will remove all sawdust from the sanding procedure. After the vehicle is cleaned, paint will be applied.

The service will match the color exactly with the color of the vehicle. They will use their own body shop paint-brushing techniques to apply the color to the affected area. Between each coat, a full day will be needed for the paint to dry. After all coatings are applied, another sanding session will take place to blend the new color in with the old. The vehicle will then be polished and ready to be returned to the owner.

When someone needs to get a hold of an Auto Body Paint Shop Newport News VA, they can call professional auto services in the area. Calling a business like Bruce’s Super Body Shops ensures the vehicle will be handled with care. The end product will show no traces of a prior paint problem.

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