Vibration Analysis In Dallas Can Reduce Machine Failures

Rotating machinery can have mechanical and electrical failures when they’re not properly inspected and maintained. Vibration Analysis in Dallas is a great measurement tool that can identify, prevent, and predict failures in this type of machinery. Vibration analysis can identify faults in the machinery and keep it functioning as long as possible. It will also help a company plan when their machinery repairs should take place.

Most machines contain rotating parts including motors, gearboxes, turbines, conveyors, engines, rollers, fans, and other types of machine tools. The vibration of the machines are at specific frequencies, and the amplitude of the vibrations will tell a technician if there’s a problem with the performance and quality of the machine.

Increase Of Vibration

When there’s an increase in the vibration amplitude, the rotational elements such as the gears or bearings are failing. The rotational frequencies can be calculated based on the machine speed. The frequencies and measurements can determine the failure.


Accelerometers are common sensors used in the industry and are case mounted with a permanent bolt or portable magnet. An accelerometer is able to measure the output of voltage or its current proportionate the vibration. The sign it can detect can be integrated to identify a measured output of velocity.

Faults That Are Identified By Vibration Analysis

There are a number of faults Vibration Analysis in Dallas can identify in rotating machinery including:

* Bearing failures

* Mechanical looseness

* Critical machine speeds

* Vane pass disturbances

* Recirculation and cavitation

* Motor faults

* Machine balance

* Machine alignment

* Bent shafts

* Resonance

* Gear mesh disturbances

* Vane pass disturbances

* Blade pass disturbances

* And many others.

Portable And Permanent Sensors

Vibration analysis can be achieved with portable or permanent sensors. Portable sensors follow a predetermined route of measurements of the machinery. Permanent or portable data can follow a predetermined route and provide machinery protection 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

If you want the machinery in your business operating at peak performance, vibration analysis will help accomplish that goal. An experienced machinery service company will keep all of the machines operating properly while limiting breakdowns and lost money. Click Here to learn more about vibration analysis.

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