Visit A Family Lawyer In Silverdale, WA To Discuss Your Case

Family law situations are difficult to get through if a person doesn’t have a knowledgeable Family Lawyer in Silverdale Wa guiding them. Attorneys who practice general or criminal law for the majority of their business will not know the family laws as thoroughly as one who performs this type of work on a daily basis.

The family laws can change and affect an individual’s future. This is why it is so important to speak with an experienced attorney who is open, honest, and respectful of a client’s unique situation.

What Areas Are In Family Law?

Family law encompasses issues that are very close to the heart and frequently spur emotional situations. These situations include divorce, child custody, guardianships, adoption, and paternity. In addition to laws changing, a family law attorney understands how a judge will feel about a situation and knows the proper procedure for filing the necessary papers in family law situations.


Divorce is the biggest area of family law because it usually involves assets, liabilities, children, and much more. An individual can choose to go through a traditional divorce or utilize the skills of an experienced family law lawyer to take a collaborative law approach. The collaborative law approach promotes openness, honesty, respect, and communication.

A couple can achieve a divorce and settle property issues for less money when they choose the collaborative approach. This approach can resolve tough decisions without going to court and letting a judge make all the decisions.


Adoptions can include stepparent, relative, private, foster, and international adoption. The legal process can be intimidating, and there are many forms and requirements that must be met in order to finalize an adoption. A Family Lawyer in Silverdale Wa that has more than 20 years of experience in this area will be able to help throughout the entire adoption process to reach a successful conclusion.


When parents aren’t married to one another, paternity must be established. Until paternity is determined, custody determinations, parenting plans, and child support cannot be established. If you find yourself in a family law issue, now is the time to contact a family lawyer.