Home Care Transportation Service in Long Island for Residents of an Independent Senior Community

In many instances, elderly men and women move to an independent senior living community so they can stop being responsible for cleaning a big house and doing yard work. They are ready to downsize to a certain extent. Some of them no longer can drive or feel comfortable with driving. They want a senior living community that provides home care transportation service in Long Island for certain services.

Individual Transport

This type of home care transportation service in Long Island is provided so residents can get to appointments with doctors and other healthcare providers, such as physical therapists. Elderly individuals commonly are under the regular care of a gerontologist or primary care doctor. They need to have blood profiles completed and to discuss possible changes to medications they take. Some with chronic physical problems benefit from physical therapy or occupational therapy sessions.

Group Transport

Group transportation also is provided by communities such as The Regency Assisted Living, which offers independent senior living apartments in addition to their assisted living services. Residents can participate in trips to museums and other cultural and educational places of interest. Without this service, many older seniors wouldn’t be able to spend time in these interesting venues. They appreciate the chance to get out and about with friends they’ve made in the community.

Back in the community, the independent living residents have the option of preparing meals and eating in their rooms, having meals delivered to their rooms or eating in a group in the dining area. Some men and women prefer the companionship of a dining room, while others like a bit of peaceful solitude after a group trip.

Maintaining an Active Lifestyle

Being able to maintain as much independence as possible can be very important for a senior citizen’s well-being. Without an easy way to get to appointments and to participate in off-site recreational activities, the chance of serious health problems and psychological depression increases. Seniors who stay physically active and continue learning new things have better cognitive performance on average than those who are sedentary and not engaged in any new learning processes. Visit us online to find out more about one particular senior community.

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