Warming up to Contemporary Fireplaces

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Business Services

Fall is everywhere. The sights and smells of fall bring to mind the season of apples and other beautiful features of the season – and as the evenings start to cool, the warmth and comfort of a cozy fire. But where fall begins, winter quickly follows.

Benefits of Contemporary over Traditional Fireplaces
Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are, in fact, an awful lot of work. They also generate a lot of smoke, and, quite frankly, can create both a mess and danger with having to add wood and open the fireplace. An open fireplace is a fire hazard as well as a potential hazard for anyone with children or pets who could easily get injured either when sparks fly or when getting too close. Contemporary fireplaces, however, offer functionality, can be designed to work with any décor, and offer a great deal more safety.

Leaving the Past Behind
It used to be that contemporary gas fireplaces while they looked pretty, offered very little regarding warmth. Plus with their give-away pilot light, they also looked less than realistic. But these limits no longer exist. Today’s contemporary fireplaces can be installed almost anywhere in the room, including far more true-colored orange and yellow flames and child safety provisions. Improved energy efficiency is just another reason to consider adding one to your home.

Fireplaces Beyond Imagination
Bringing warmth, heat, and comfort to families without the risk of a wood-burning fire is just one of the benefits of contemporary fireplaces. The traditions of family fireplaces go one step further by adding a contemporary look and feel in any décor you can imagine with the potential to include shelving, safety barriers, and a host of customizable finishes. With options that even can include elevated installations, these fireplaces can be put almost anywhere in the home.

Cosmetic Choices
With a full range of cabinetry and metal choices, contemporary fireplaces offer both practical and decorative benefits. Many fireplaces can be operated remotely so you can create a warm glow in the room without having to leave your comfortable couch. They can be installed in any room and add a level of increased charm and elegance to living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, or wherever you feel it would best serve your needs.

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