Ways to Display Your Bowling Trophies

One way or another, you’ve managed to get a collection of bowling trophies, but you haven’t figured out a place to put them. If you don’t want to purchase an entire display case, then these suggestions are might be a fit for you.

Display Your Bowling Trophies on a Bookcase

There is usually a significant price difference between a standard bookcase and a display case. Bookcases are wonderful for their versatility, and when you pick a bookcase whose color complements that of your trophies, you can bring out the beauty of both. Choose a narrow bookcase to avoid the problem of having too much space around the bowling trophies themselves. To complete the bowling theme, you can use the rest of the bookcase to house tournament photos or books on bowling. You can also commit the entire bookcase as a trophy and award display.

Utilize Your Current Space with Your Fireplace Mantle

For houses with a fireplace, you can place your trophies where all of your visitors can see them. Your bowling trophies have never looked better than on the mantle of the most prominent part of your living room. Additionally, putting the trophies on the mantle saves space and allows to you use your current space more efficiently.

Use Floating Shelves for Your Bowling Trophies

Have you heard of or seen floating shelves? They add a modern touch to room organization, and they happen to be perfect for mounting displays for books, trinkets, and, yes, bowling trophies. Floating shelves are easy to install, and they are available at most home improvement stores and retail stores. You can find several variations of floating shelves. Some have brackets and other embellishments, and some are designed to be mounted into corners.

If You Have Little Space, Display Photos

If you are strapped for space, and you don’t have room to display your bowling trophies, you can display the next best thing: a high-resolution photo of you holding your trophy on the day of the win. Not everyone has the luxury of a home with a lot of space to display our victories, but framed photos allow you to utilize the space on your walls. You can find photo printing services online or in a local printing store. Choose a size and photo resolution that complements the wall that you want to mount it on.

Your Bowling Trophies Deserve to be Seen

Don’t let your precious tournament memories collect dust. Not everyone has space in their home or apartment for a large display case, but with a little bit of creativity, you can find affordable ways to utilize the space that you have to display your bowling trophies.

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