Using Home Fire Protection in Pettis County to Protect Your Family

One of the scariest things imaginable is being involved in a house fire. In an instant, you can lose everything you own, be seriously injured, or even lose your life or your loved one. Smoke detectors are useful in sending off an alarm to alert the homeowners to a fire, but don’t do much more than that. More than a third of fire victims never wake up from sleep due to excessive smoke inhalation, depriving the body of oxygen and causing death. Children and the elderly are most likely to be victims of a fatal house fire. Home Fire Protection in Pettis County takes extra measures to make sure you and your loved ones are safe.

Home fire protection services will verify the fire alarm as soon as it goes off and dispatch police and fire crews to your home. This will save lives, especially if the fire occurs when you and your family are asleep. It will also save your property if you are not home. The sooner the fire department gets there, the less damage you will have. Sources of fires can be surprising, so even if you think you are not at risk, you may have unknown hazards all over your home. There are over 350,000 house fires a year. many with hidden sources. Smoking in the home causes only about 5% of house fires, but it responsible for 50% of fire deaths. Wiring can cause fires, and unless you are behind the wall having it inspected, you may not even know there is a problem. Clutter in the kitchen like paper towels, dish rags, recipes, and pot holders can ignite even if you only have your back turned for a second. Your clothes dryer can start a fire, even if you clean the lint trap as recommended. Lint is extremely flammable so you should have it professionally cleaned every two years. If you are doing home renovations, sawdust, which is extremely combustible, could be laying around your house. Loose outlets allow prongs to be exposed, and these can get dangerously hot and cause fires.

Home fire protection saves lives. You don’t know if or when you will be the victim of a deadly house fire, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Protect your family with Home Fire Protection in Pettis County. Simply click here for more information, and find out how home fire protection benefits you.

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