Wear the Right Shoes for Your Volleyball Game

Every sport that is played usually has different types of equipment and uniforms. This is also true for volleyball which requires specific volleyball shoes. A normal sneaker is great for running around and being involved in activities that do not require a specific sports shoe. Volleyball requires a special shoe that is constructed based on the weight of the shoes, and the type of soles. This is what sets shoes for volleyball apart from other sporting shoes.

It’s all in the Soles

When you get down to the heart of the matter, the importance of a shoe for volleyball concerns the construction of the sole. Most volleyball games are played indoors, especially for younger players that are still in school. The soles need to be made from a substance such as gum rubber to keep players from slipping on the floor of a volleyball court. Since most indoor courts are made from wood they tend to be slick, and a rubber sole will keep players from sliding and being hurt. It also allows players to make quick cuts, and start and stop with precision. What players need most is traction, hence why a gum rubber sole is the best possible sole for shoes made for volleyball courts. You can easily detect a gum rubber sole by its transparent state. Most other rubber is not transparent. When the sole is semi-transparent it is a good indicator that you are using the correct shoes. Gum rubber can be dyed so they may still be somewhat transparent, and also retain color. This enables manufacturers to release shoes for volleyball that match all types of different colored uniforms.

Footloose and Fancy Free

Lightweight shoes are perfect for volleyball players. It is the other aspect that is going to set shoes for volleyball apart from other athletic shoes. It is important for volleyball players to be able to move across the court as quickly as possible. Since this is an imperative part of being a good volleyball player, it is essential that their shoes do not weigh them down.

Different Styles, Designs and Support

The basic difference between shoes for volleyball includes styles, support and designs. When you are ready to purchase a brand new pair of shoes for the purpose of playing volleyball, you will need to shop and compare shoes to find the pair that works for you. It is important to pay attention to all the details so you can find shoes that will take your volleyball game to the next level.

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