The term “pre-owned” is often tossed around. Sometimes, it is accompanied by the word certified. This can be confusing. This article attempts to clarify the usage of the phrase – certified pre owned cars and explain its importance when purchasing a used vehicle in Philadelphia or anywhere else in North America.


Pre-owned is simply a fancier way of saying “used.” A pre-owned car is a used car. It may have had one or a dozen previous owners. Its price will vary as will its condition. Its age and degree of maintenance will also impact how much it is worth. Another variable is the warranty. Its age will also affect whether the car has one or does not.


Certified indicates something or someone has completed a course or training. Mechanics receive certification as do many other professionals. Certified is a type of guarantee that a product, person or object has passed a qualifying test of some type.

Certified Pre Owned Cars

Placing the two words in front of “cars” indicates the vehicle, while used, has been certified. It has undergone several tests to indicate its overall worthy condition. This status comes only from the original manufacturer. It indicates a level of trustworthiness not associated with a pre-owned or used car.

In general, a certified pre-owned car is characterized by the following:

• A manufactured-backed warranty
• Accident-free
• Low mileage

Usually, a recent model, certified pre-owned cars in Philadelphia are highly dependable often appearing and even driving “like new” making them the ideal used car.