What are Directives to Physicians?

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Legal

A directive to physicians, also known as an advance directive, is essentially a living will that allows an individual to document their wishes regarding their medical treatments as well as the end of life. Before you are able to create an advance directive, a physician will need to make sure that you cannot make your own medical decisions and that you are terminally ill. Your medical power of attorney will be primarily responsible for making all of your healthcare-related decisions. You cannot have a medical power of attorney until a physician determines that you are no longer able to make these decisions on your own.

Advanced Directives

There are quite a few details regarding advanced directives that it is important to understand clearly before completing the process. They are valid throughout the U.S and you do not need to have an attorney to fill out an advance directive. Once the directive is signed in front of a witness, it then becomes a legal document. It is also important to remember that one state’s directive does not always work in another state. They also do not expire which means that one can be valid for as long as the individual is alive.


It is also extremely important that you review your advance directive on a regular basis so that your needs are up-to-date and everything is accurate. Keep this document in a safe place so that if any changes need to be made or if it needs to be accessed, you or your medical power of attorney has easy access to it.

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