5 Things to Think of When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Personal Injury

Doing the research to determine the validity of a personal injury claim is hard enough, but finding the right lawyer can be even more difficult. However, hiring a lawyer does not have to be daunting if the victim knows what to look for. Below are several factors clients should consider when choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer.

Practice Area

There are many practice areas within personal injury law, and every case is unique. An attorney can focus on anything from slip-and-fall cases to animal bites, or they can concentrate on cases involving product liability or workers’ compensation. The client’s main goal should be to find a lawyer who has handled similar cases. If a person has been in an auto accident, they should look for an accident attorney.


An experienced personal injury lawyer should have a list of satisfied past clients, and new clients should seek referrals before making a hiring decision. While positive reviews from past clients may offer insight as to a lawyer’s experience, ability and demeanor, every case is unique and past performance is not a predictor of a lawyer’s future success.


Price is a primary consideration for most clients, and both sides should be in agreement about fees. Some personal injury lawyers accept contingency fee arrangements, meaning that they receive a portion of the settlement. Other lawyers charge an hourly rate, but all should offer an accurate, clear fee agreement before representation commences.


An attorney does not have to belong to a mega-firm, but they should have help where claims investigation is concerned. Ask a potential attorney how the case will be handled, and find out what resources they have before, during and after a case.


When a person hires an injury attorney, they do so because they need an advocate. Therefore, the lawyer chosen should be a good fit for the client’s personality. There’s no precise compatibility formula for hiring a lawyer, and it all comes down to the client’s comfort level.

There are many considerations to make when hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer, and lawyers can do things that clients simply cannot accomplish. If a person believes they have a valid injury claim, they should visit chrisrichardattorney.com to schedule a free consultation. You can visit them on Google+ also for more updates.

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