What Are Sanitary Valves And What Are They Used For?

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Industrial Goods and Services

Sanitary valves are a type of valve that must meet stainless steel medical or food standards. This means that all parts touching the medium are mirror-polished and that the degree of cleanliness is high enough to pass valve component health standards. In most instances, stainless steel is used for the body of the valve, while a non-toxic substance is used for the sealing, such as rubber. Types of sanitary valves include ball, butterfly, check, solenoid, and diaphragm.

Additionally, sanitary valves’ mechanical sealing requirements must pass specific requirements, including having a 1.6 or higher surface fineness, no material accumulation, a disinfected and clean surface, and a material or structure that does not allow particles or material to escape outside of the sealing surface.


They are used in industries where cleanliness and non-contamination are vital to those industries. Some of these industries include hospitals, food processing, bio-fermentation and pharmaceutical factories. Companies that cannot afford to have contamination with chemicals or physical particles also utilize these valves.

How They Differ from Industrial Valves

Sanitary valves must meet high standards, which is why they must undergo special treatment after they are manufactured. All toxic materials, including lead, must be removed to ensure the high safety and health standards of these valves.

Conversely, industrial valves are constructed according to the working conditions they will be used in. These conditions usually involve situations involving high temperatures, high pressure, or both. The industries that will often use these types of valves include machinery, petrochemicals, and urban construction.

The exterior and interior of these types of valves are not as beautiful or polished as sanitary valves, but the latter can often not replace industrial valves because they do not handle the extreme temperatures and conditions as well.

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